FP-2 - Twin Drum Press with Auto-Switching

FP-2   Twin Drum Press with Auto-Switching

  • Processes flat panel drums and channel drums.
  • Reinforced welded frame for evenly and safe extrusion.
  • Two integrated hydraulic power packs for high feed pressure.
  • Three-section steel jacket with safety hook.
  • PLC and sensors for auto switching logic.
  • Includes manifold with valve assembly on separate, wheel based floor stand.
  • Superior safety devices in compliance with the European CE Standard.
Technical Data
Type of Machine: Drum Press FP-2
Max. Feed Pressure: 12 bars
Current: 8 KW
Weight: 2.7 tons
Voltage: 230 V/400 V, 50/60 Hz
Control: PLC Siemens S7

Technical Highlights

Three-Section Steel Jacket with Toggle Catch, Double O-Ring with Vent Valve

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