FI-KP - Automatic Cartridge Buffer with FIFO-Logic

FI-KP   Automatic Cartridge Buffer with FIFO-Logic

  • Filled cartridges are transferred smoothly and efficiently from the filling machine to the buffer.
  • The buffer system contains 21 storage banks that can be loaded with filled cartridges. One bank holds a maximum of 30 cartridges. The buffer in its basic configuration can hold 500 cartridges.
  • Buffer status can be viewed at any time due to the newest RFID-Technology. RFID Modules are attached to each storage bank, which can hold order related details such as SKU and quantities.
  • The system is designed for expansion. Buffer capacity can easily be doubled or extended up to 3.000 cartridges total capacity.
  • The system is designed to handle heavy cartridges (up to 950 grams).
  • All conveying elements (prism chains, stick conveyors, etc.) are driven by frequency controlled motors with integrated monitoring function.
  • The electrical cabinet is swivel mounted and part of the main machine frame. This design saves floor space and allows easy access to the cartridge storage area.
  • Operator panel with touch screen is integrated into the electrical cabinet door.
  • Easy accessibility due to large safety glass doors on front and rear machine side.
  • All other panels are equipped with quick release fasteners for easy removal.
Technical Data
Machine Type: Automatic Cartridge Buffer with FIFO-Logic Fi-KP
Throughput: 100 cartridges per minute
Connection Height: 1.000 mm or 2.200 mm
Voltage: 3 x 400 V, 50 Hz or as requested
PLC: Siemens S7
Air: 5 bar min.
Weight: 1.500 kg

Technical Highlights

Storage Banks

Swivel Mounted Electrical Cabinet

Easy Accessibility (Rear Side)

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