Fi-PA - Cartridge Box Palletizer

Fi-PA  Cartridge Box Palletizer


Fischbach palletizer Fi-PA: Smaller, simpler, and less expensive than traditional palletizing solutions. Specifically engineered for the sealants & adhesives industry.

  • Replace manual palletizing operations with a smaller footprint.
  • System is designed to directly replace manual palletizing operations by occupying the space currently taken up by manual operations without raising the level of existing conveyors.
  • Infeed from 300 mm to 1.000 mm.
  • 3.000 mm x 1.600 mm footprint.
  • Multiple infeed and pallet exit options.
  • Wooden, plastic, or metal frame pallets can be used.
  • Safety cage creates a CE conform enclosure.
  • Simple new pattern programming.
  • Up to 50 different patterns stored in memory.
  • Quick changeover between patterns.
  • Redundant contact safety monitoring.
  • All systems equipped with CE and OSHA-com - pliant pneumatic and electrical lockouts.
  • Standard capacity allows a finished pallet to 1.500 mm tall.
  • Option available to 2.100 mm.
  • Standard Case size from 100 mm to 350 mm in either dimension. Option available for 50 mm to 400 mm.
  • Case rates to 15 CPM depending on model and layer patterns.
  • Column or interlocked stacks.
  • Concurrent stretch wrapping.
  • Automatic pallet dispenser.
  • Lift and Rotate capability for labels-out orientation, or for large cases.
  • Tie sheet systems.
  • Through conveyor to allow staging an empty pallet that will automatically enter when the full pallet exits. Available with pallet jack or forklift access.
  • Pallet liner dispenser.

Technical Highlights

Box Positioning Head

Suction Cup Manifold

Suction Cup Manifold

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