Save - Semi Automatic Machine

Safe  Semi Automatic Machine

  • Processes plastic, aluminium or fiber cartridges; with or without integrated nozzle.
  • Supports very short run length due to easy and quick exchangeability of all wetted parts.
  • Filling station with shuttle system for reliable filling of thin-walled or slightly oval cartridges.
  • Highly precise, pneumatically driven volume dosing system guarantees +/- 0.5g dosing accuracy per cartridge at various viscosities.
  • Optimized spinning wire material cut off facilitates plunger insertion without air pockets.
  • Plungers can be inserted with or without the support of venting wires.
  • All machine components are easily accessible for cleaning and mainte nance.
  • All safety devices are in compliance with the European CE Standard.
Technical Data
Type of Machine: Cartridge Filling and Closing machines SAFE
Output: 28 cartridges per minute à 310 ml
Dosing: Dosing
Dosing Range: 240 ml to 500 ml
Product In-feed Height: 1000 mm or variable through optional height adjustment
Voltage: 230 V / 400 V, 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Control: PLC
Air Pressure: 6 bar minimum (87 psi.)
Air Consumption: 450 NL per minute at 6 bar
Weight: 270 kg

Technical Highlights

Volume Dosing System

Machine Components are easily accessible

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